This nopaste service, unlike other existing nopaste services, is for hardware. Currently, Xilinx schematics are supported (with some small limitations). Coming soon is an analog symbol library to use Xilinx (free or otherwise) to design circuits that can be shared for review on this site. Join us online at irc.rizon.net #hardwaredev

Analog Symbol Library

To extend the functionality of Xilinx to accurately represent analog schematic mockups, an analog symbol library has been designed. Version 1 of the library can be downloaded here. Extract the files into your project directory to use this. All symbols can be found in the "Analog" section. Please note that these will not synthesize and are purely for drawing purposes! If you have a suggestion or need an additional symbol added, ask for it on IRC.

Recent Schematics

Exponent.sch by Test
Exponent.sch by Test User
Rounder.sch by Test User
Test.sch by DragonMinded
DisplayBuffer.sch by DragonMinded
ScanCodeIgnore2.sch by DragonMinded
Adder.sch by DragonMinded

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